Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Top 3 Summer Must Haves

Yehey, summer is finally here!  (Though at times the weather is still unpredictable) It's time to get a tan. It's fun time again especially for the kids because they get to spend a day at the beach or swimming pool. It's definitely one way of building bonds with our family. I still remember ER's first swimming experience. She doesn't want to get out of the water. When she gets hungry that is the only time that she would get out of the water. Wow, that was two years ago. Now, I still don't know where to spend our summer outing though. Maybe somewhere near our place will do.

It is fun time but be sure that we are protected from the sun's scorching heat and here are the items that tops my lists.

1. Sunscreen lotion - I think this one should be in everyone's top list especially for the chikitings
2. Sunglasses - This one should not only be used during summer but all year round. I have read somewhere that even on cloudy days UV rays are still present
3. Flip flops - I think every woman needs a good pair of flip flops for a more laid back look. It's time to set aside those closed shoes of ours.

How about you? What summer must haves top your list? Share yours now. I would love to hear yours... :)

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