Sunday, April 15, 2012

Discrimination at Dave's Funhouse Megamall

We never missed a chance to drop ER by at Dave's Funhouse Megamall whenever we can. This is a good bonding moment with other mommies and kids as well. We have been their regular customer for many years. We never thought that an awful incident will happen last Saturday. Usually it's hubby who do the signing up while I prepare for ER's socks. When it's hubby's turn to register, the cashier said to hubby that the next customer should be served first because they are still arguing if they would allow ER's guardians, aged 12 and 13, inside and worst they let ER out and let the other kid in. Is it because the other parents & kids were dressed in fashionable clothes, have fair skin and looks rich and we are dressed in simple clothing doesn't mean we can't afford it. I believe it's should be in a first-come, first-served basis and the staff should not let the kid in unless he's already registered and paid. That incident made hubby and me furious but we still managed our composure. We are educated people here and we don't want to create a scene. We just proceeded with the transaction and pretended nothing happened. But hubby definitely will take some drastic action. It's a good thing that they have numbers to text/call for comments, suggestions and feedbacks. Hubby, is an advertising and PR graduate, is good at it. I also noticed that the staff didn't assist the kids at the stairs and at the slides but instead do chitchats at the counter. The staff also allowed one customer with under aged guardians, aged 4 and 5. This is just so unfair. Ten minutes before the cutoff time, the kids already left Dave's. This time hubby texted his complaints and after two hours, he received a call from the owner. The owner was triggered by the complaint that's why she immediately called hubby because it's been years that she hasn’t received any feedbacks from customers. She was thankful and sorry at the same time. Honestly, we don't want the two staff be fired but should undergo extensive training instead.

How about you? Did you experience the same thing? What did you do? I would love to hear your story. Thanks! :)


  1. wow! I was thinking of bringing my kids there next time since they experienced Kidz Republic already.. good thing I bumped into your blog..
    btw, congrats for winning so many giveaways sis! wish i could have much luck as yours. God bless. :D

  2. Horrible experience. They tolerate kids who hurt someone PHYSICALLY and NOT ACCIDENTALLY. And parents/guradians who stays inside to use profane language, insult and verbal abuse to your child.

    So true about discrimination until now a days. They prefer a valued client especially if your all dress up with branded clithes and things. And if you have a yaya or guardian too.