Sunday, April 1, 2012

Allergy Cough, Allergy Cough Go Away

This allergy cough has been bothering me for 3 weeks now. I had no decent sleep and rest since then because it usually attacks at night. My cough is characterized by super itchy throat and dry cough. I believe there's no instant cure for this kind of cough. I have done some steps just too at least decrease the itchiness and dryness of my throat.

1. Sip a small amount of water or freshly squeezed juice like calamansi once in a while to avoid dryness of my mouth and throat
2. Avoid too much hot and cold drink as much as possible
3. Stay away from spicy and salty foods
4. Avoid dust, particles and feathers which might trigger the allergy
5. Consult my physician for medicine. I tried Benadryl Antihistamine now. I hope it works better.

Until now I'm not quite sure what triggered this allergy cough of mine. The doctor told me it might something to do with the food I eat, sudden change of season, factors like smoke, dust and the like. 

It's kind of blessing in disguise for me for I had shed some pounds already. Just right in time for Holy Week, I need to sacrifice food that I love to eat.

How about you? Did you experience the same sickness? Share yours. I would love to hear your story. :)

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