Saturday, April 28, 2012

ER's Switching From Promil Kid to Nido 3+

Since ER is getting healthier, hubby and I decided to switch her milk from Promil Kid to Nido 3+. We had already consulted her pedia about it and she said that it's okay. We tried Nido 3+ because it has less sugar than other brands. Last night is judgment day because it will be her first time to taste Nido 3+. After sipping, her first word was "ang asim" (with her right eye closed and with pouted mouth) but when hubby tasted it, it's delicious. Hubby and I laughed out loud. We never thought that she would react that way. We knew all along that ER was just joking around. That's why we love ER so much because she never failed to make us smile everyday. :)

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  1. Since birth Ethan is drinking Mead Johnson milk, Enfa. Now he is turning 3 this Nov, (my Andres Bonifacio) �� i decided to change his milk. And i told my husband about it, he agreed. Actually it was my 2nd time switching milk, first was enfagrow to lactum, but it didn't goes well. Now, we're so happy that Nido is doing great on him. Hoping for best results.