Sunday, March 25, 2012

My New Swag: AsianVogue Bag

My new AsianVogue bag has finally arrived. After 3 months of waiting, whew it's really worth my wait. Yehey! I won this item from Kikaysimaria (Ms. Eloisa Co's) giveaway here and announced here. As a prize, I get to pick an item worth P1000. As I've said in my previous posts, I have a wide foot and it would be unwise to buy shoes online so a bag would be a nice choice. Here's the photo of the bag (with one surprise gift -- I love the sunglasses, just in time for summer) I've picked:
I chose this bag because it is very versatile. It's a 2in1 bag; it can be used as a bag pack or shoulder bag. I love it because it has many pockets to put my little stuff there.

I would like to thank first Ms. Angel del Rosario for sponsoring this giveaway and we had a very smooth transaction. Please do check  AsianVogue sites below:

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Lastly, I would like to thank Ms. Eloisa Co of Kikaysimaria for having this giveaway. If you have time, kindly visit her site for more giveaways!

How about you? What items have you won or personally bought at AsianVogue? Share yours now. I would love to hear your story. :)