Friday, March 16, 2012

Greatness Starts at Home

July 2008 was a very unforgettable date because pressure on us as a couple is over -- I'm finally pregnant. It took us almost four years of waiting for this moment to come. We can't describe our feelings... It was so overwhelming. I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time. There are many questions going through my head during that time: Will we be good parents to this child? Will she grow up to be a good person? Our lives turned around 360 degrees when we had her. I had no doubt of giving up my career for my baby because we waited for so long for this moment to come and we don't want to miss every milestone of her life. Her first words, her first walk, her first haircut & other firsts shouldn't be missed. Quitting what I love to do was never easy because I'm getting used to working since I graduated in college. But this is it... we were finally called a family.

When she came into this world on April 22, 2009, she's been everyone's bundle of joy.  Every moment with Ranae Emanuelle (ER) was heaven.
She had this certain charisma or charm to other people. She would smile, wave her hand or say hi to total strangers. Many say that she has this potential of being an actress. She so love the crowd -- no stage fright at all. She loves to entertain people. She would sing and dance whenever she heard a familiar song or music. She had also compassion or sensitivity to others. Whenever she heard someone cry especially babies and kids, she would tap their shoulders and say "tama na cry". Those simple things really never failed to amaze us.
I think it has something to do with the genes... he he he. Kidding aside, I think hubby and I have been hands-on parents that is why she grow up to be like that. Having a nanny or yaya was never an option. I think this is one thing that I am totally proud of myself. Since we had a small business at home, we get to spend more quality time with her.  Having a supportive and loving better-half is also the key. Usually, hubby and I take turns in taking care of her (especially when she was still small) whenever I need to do household chores like cooking, doing the laundry or cleaning the house. Our families' love and support also helps a lot. We left ER in her grandparents' house whenever we need to run errands or attend important events and meetings.

Now that ER is turning 3 this April 22, now that she had memorized her ABCs and 123s, we have decided to send her to school this June as "saling pusa". This is just another journey of her that we are looking forward to.

Raising a kid is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, effort, energy and patience. Our unconditional love, supportive families and quality time spent with my little girl are the keys why she grows up to be a smart, adorable & bubbly kid. Whatever career she pursues in the future, we will support her all throughout.  :)

How about you? What is your child’s greatest moment of achievement and how did it all start at Home? Share yours now... :) 


  1. Hi sis! I also have a baby. He's just 4 months old. Nangangapa pa ako on how to become a mom. Hope I'll be able to do good. :) Btw, i followed your blog. Hope you could visit and follow mine.

    1. Thanks for following. Will follow back. :)

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