Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zeros and Fives' First Anniversary Blog Giveaway: Win a Dress, Bag, and Accessories

A Dress, Bag and Accessories up for grabs from Zeros and Fives!
Grand Prize
Tsoknat embellished bag from their vintage collection | Semi-sheer backless dress from The Closet Goddess
Zeros and Fives rings (2) | Tsoknat flirty purse
Antler fringe necklace | Decathea earrings

Asianvogue Shop  gift certificate

Prize A

Tsoknat bag | Antler earrings | Decathea necklace

Prize B
Tsoknat hobo bag | Antler necklace | Decathea bracelet

1. Like the sponsors’ Facebook pages:
b. The Closet Goddess (the one with the red profile photo)
c. Asianvogue Shop (the one with the pink profile photo)
d. Antler

2.  Post this on your Facebook wall. NOTE: The sponsors’ Facebook pages should be properly TAGGED.

“Join @Zeros and Fives first anniversary giveaway and get a chance to win a @tsoknat bag, @The Closet goddess dress, @Asianvogue Shop GC, and @Antler and @Decadence Theater [DecaThea] accessories. Click here:  http://daphnebenosa.com/?p=1848 ”

 3. Follow  them on Twitter.

4. Tweet this and make sure to tag us:

“Join @dafnyduck’s first anniv blog giveaway at http://daphnebenosa.com/?p=1848 and win @asianvogueshop GC, TCG @rowenajanecruz dress, and many more!”

5. Comment  HERE with your real name, Facebook and Twitter name, and e-mail address so she can easily contact you if you win. Include also your Multiply and/or Tumblr name, plus the link to your reblog if you have done the optional thingies below. :)

OPTIONAL: You can increase your chances of winning the prizes above by doing the following:

1. Add Asianvogue Shop on Multiply. (+1 pt.)
2. Add Tsoknat on Multiply. (+1 pt.)
3. Follow Asianvogue Shop on Tumblr. (+1 pt.)
5. Reblog this giveaway on Tumblr or your personal blog. (+2 pts.)
6. Like The Closet Goddess Rowena Cruz’s make-up page on Facebook. (1 pt.)
This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only until December 5, 2011, 11:59 pm.

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