Saturday, December 3, 2011

MissKatV's 1st Anniversary Giveaway! [Part 1]

MissKatV's blog turned one this November and to show her appreciation to her loyal supporters and friends she is having a small giveaway! Here are the prizes at stake:

1 pair of Dolly Eye Series lenses from 
Your prescription and color choice.

1 pair of hairpads from 
You can choose any from the following colors:
pink, black and light blue
Oh, you can also use this 10% discount code
for your entire order from  site.

3 random items from 
  1. "Like" Misskatv on Facebook
  2. "Like" Uniqso on Facebook
  3. "Like" Dariya-Hair-Pad on Facebook
  4. "Like" Yummycharmshop on Facebook
  5. Follow her via GFC
  6. Subscribe to her Youtube Channel
  7. Follow @imisskatv on Twitter
  8. Follow @askuniqso on Twitter
  9. Follow @ajhairpad on Twitter
  10. Add this Giveaway to your sidebar: <center><a href=""><img src="" width="200" /></a></center>
  11. Blog about this giveaway
  12. Answer this question: Should she make a separate Youtube channel for makeup or just combine it with her current nail art channel (dreamynails)?
  13. Tweet About the Giveaway: I want to win on @iMissKatV @uniqso @ajhairpad @yummycharm 1st Anniversary Giveaway! INTERNATIONAL [Part 1]
  14. Share this on Facebook: Join @Dreamynails - Misskatv 1st Anniversary Giveaway! [Part 1]

Once done, fill out the rafflecopter here.

This giveaway is open to all until January 2, 2012.

Click HERE for more details! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE! :)

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