Monday, October 3, 2011

Isha In Paris' Butingtings Giveaway

Prizes up for grabs from Isha In Paris!

1st Prize:
300 Starbucks Gift Certificate
Feather earrings
Paris necklace
Love connector ring
1 soda lipgloss

2nd Prize:
.info domain
Webhosting from Oh-Rainbow
2 sets of earrings
Eyeglass necklace
1 soda lipgloss

  1. Like Butingtings on Facebook.
  2. Follow @Butingtings and @FenellaMonique on Twitter.
  3. Reblog this post.
  4. Write a separate blog post about the contest.
  5. Tweet “I joined Butingtings and Ishainparis’ 1st anniversary contest! @Butingtings @FenellaMonique”
Extra points:
If you bought an item from Butingtings, take a photo of yourself wearing it and submit it to them! Upload it on Tinypic / Imageshack or any similar sites and give them the image link.

Must comment HERE with the following format:
- I liked Butingtings on Facebook (your Facebook name)
- I followed Butingtings and FenellaMonique on Twitter (your twitter username)
- I reblogged the post (post URL)
- I blogged about the contest (post URL)
- I told everyone I joined the contest! (tweet URL)

- I’m loving the stuff I got from Butingtings, here’s a picture! (image URL)

This giveaway is open until October 28, 2011, 11:00 PM.


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